My dream is to live in Japan

I've always wanted to live in Japan, that's my dream. I live in Tunisia and I am in the final year of secondary education so I do not think I have experience or projects to accomplish and I think myself able to work in anything and live in any place as long as I have the ability and I do not have much for my feet please accept my request.

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Unfortunately unless you have formal and educational qualifications with work experience it will be impossible to get work in Japan.
Language is also a major problem.

Yes .if you have dream to live in japan than you should be known about Japanese culture and custom and rules and regulations.and the most important one is you have to study japnese language as more as you can and specially’s really hard for every one.. if you can’t speak japnese cant understand it will be really hard to get job here. To get good job and good salary you have to study and practice speaking japnese language more.and don’t think that everyone can understand English here..:) ....good luck... :)  :top:

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