Police Residence Registration and Marriage

Hey everyone,

I am going to be marrying my Vietnamese partner soon and have a question in regards to police registration.

I understand that once we are married and I apply for a residence card or VEC that I will need to obtain my police registration certificate. I have found out that the place I'm renting now has an issue where the owner may not have done the correct procedure when it comes to renting to foreigners.

So my question; If I'm on a 3month tourist visa, will the registration certificate be based on my current or most recent previous tourist visa when I request it?

So if I move to an apartment that has followed the correct procedure, I shouldn't have any problems with this registration certificate?

Thank you.

FWIK, for someone like yourself, the registration process is done online so there isn't a need for any certification as far as registration is concerned. If you were a local Vietnamese, your landlord would need to bring your ID or CMND to the local ward and register your stay there. You might wanna ask your Vietnamese partner to do this.

When you receive your TRC or VEC the immigration officer should give you a form with the website to register. Each provence has their own register.

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