Can a single-entry visa be upgraded to a multi-entry visa?

I was short-sighted when I got my visa, as I only got a single-entry visa. My SO wants to go to Bangkok when she comes here next month and I don't know how to accomplish that with what I have.

I'm going to send you a private message with the info for my most trusted Visa person. A personal (meaning, in person) friend, she will help you figure out the possibilities.

Just go out and apply for a new VOA.

It can't be upgraded as far as I'm aware, you would need to have a new multi-entry visa, which you're better off doing upon returning from Bangkok rather than doing it within Vietnam, as Sobie suggests.

That all sounds very reasonable. Thanks for the help.
BTW - I found a downside for the VOA. While I was upstairs getting my visa someone was downstairs helping themselves to the contents of my luggage.

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