EP appeal approval waiting for more than 30 days

Hi All,

My EP got rejected as I didnt met the required qualifications.My HR had appealed against it  and shared the justification to MOM and IMDA.
But it has been more than 1 month and I m still waiting approval.I am worried as my project onshore requirement is only between 7-9 months and already 2 months have gone on the process.
Has anyone experience the same situation? Can my HR do anything in this case?


Your emoployer can contact MoM and request a quicker process - if they have a good reason for it. There is no guarantee, though, that MoM will act accordingly.

Thank you for your reply!
Will ask my employer to push for it.
Do you have any idea generally how much time MOM takes to respond in such cases?

Please read my long post about MoM’s processing times in the appropriately names thread.

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