Dependent Pass Query

Hi all

My fiancé and I are applying for my dependent pass. He actually works in Tanzania and I've decided to move to too.

We are engaged but not yet married. Can someone help on the formalities for non married dependent application?


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Try this website for information.  Also try a Google search.

Dear Sandy,

If you are still not married with your fiance then its not possible to make dependent pass.

Because for dependent pass require marriage certificate.

You are not married yet so ur not his dependent.

I hope you got your answer.

If any question feel free to ask.


Hi Vicky, thanks :)

Do you know by any chance, any other way to proceed to get a type of dependent pass? Or a long term tourist visa? Or a permit which can allow me to stay longer than 3 months?

Or else, if I do leave the country each 3 month, do you know the time frame I have to go? Some people are telling me to go to Kenya for 1 day and then come back but I'm afraid to have issues with respective authorities.


Dear Sandy,

You can live in Tanzania on Visit Via (Tourist Visa) for 3 months.

what you heard is correct you cross kenya or zambia or any other neighbour country and come back then you will get again 3 month visa.

But better option is to marry with your fiance and get dependent pass  for 2  years. or add your name in his permit once he get new permit.



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