How long for a snowbird to become a tropical one?

I want to hear people's experiences moving down from the snowy north: How long to acclimatize? Or haven't you? Do you miss snow? ( My goal in life is to miss snow...which means I no longer experience it first hand....) Do you appreciate the weather and year round color? Or do you start taking it for granted? I need to live it turns cold and snowy here....Brrrrrr...

Never want to see or touch snow again.  Now almost 13 years since leaving he mountains of Colorado.

It took me about 1 day to acclimate to the weather here.  I do miss the fall colors just a bit.

Bob K

I do not miss snow one little bit. I miss downhill skiing but do not want the cold.

I am fully acclimatized and I get cold here. Right now the nights are chilly for me sometimes and that will continue through the end of Feb or mid  march!

I have been here full time for 15 years.  It took about 2 years I think to become acclimatized.

We've been here full-time for a little over a month.  Definatly do not miss the snow, as it started early November and it shows no signs of leaving.  Our goal was to leave Canada before we saw snow again, but our trip down to Toronto in October involved a bit of a flurry, so hopefully that is the last time we see it first-hand.  I think we are acclimating fairly well, I no longer sweat just sitting around, or even walking to the grocery store for that matter.  Love the greenery and bird songs here, and it is all still new and wonderful for us.  I'm sure it will fade over time, but every winter we miss in Canada will remind us of the Paradise we currently live in.

Early to mid 70s was living in south Florida after moving from upstate N.Y.. I then began my island explorations.  Lived for varying lengths of time on six of them. From a couple of months (St Johns') to 20 years (St Croix). First visited the DR in '96, loved it & kept  coming back. Moved here in early 2002. Found a home at last.  The hardest thing to get used to was #1 didNOT have to work 16 - 18 hours a day.   #2  having to learn Spanish to really be comfortable & able to truly enjoy this unique island & its' people.  Ha to return to Florida for medical reasons, (central Florida) the comparison in the climate was a shock. It sucked.  So glad to be able to return to my home here in Sosua.    How long does it take to lose Snow Bird status?  Simple answer,  Don't fly north in the Spring!!   Welcome y'all........

There was no acclimation for me.  I wanna be where it's warm.  My first 39 years were in New York. Hated it there and finally moved to California where I was for 10 years before the DR in 2003.

When you no longer think of home as where you used to live!!! When you stop talking how things used to be "back" There.   Most never can let go of what used to be, therefore, the snow will never leave their wings.  I could write about this for many pages. Suffice to say, it is all in your brain. Has nothing to do with what others think. To locals you will always be a gringo; have kids born here they will be natives if allowed to grow up here.

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