Moving to Boston, good idea?


I work for a large tech company that has offices near Boston. I am currently living in Oregon. I love it here but mostly because it's beautiful and clean but I am super alone as my entire family lives all up and down the east coast. I am very interested in the educational system in Boston, I have two gifted children and I really want them to succeed by sending them to good schools. I was wondering if you guys think it's a good idea to move to Boston?
About me:
- From NY, born and raised.
- Work for Tech company.
- Is Puerto Rican <----Sometimes I think this is why I am super alone here. There seem to be a lot of racism here and I can tell they don't like new people. Not everyone is racist, I'm guessing. But, how would I know, they won't talk to me.....
- Single mother, young children.
- Work remotely.
- I won't go back to NY, I don't want to live too far from the city, living near the city is too expensive and not worth it.
This is going to sound awful and I am so sorry if I offend anyone but I have gotten used to living in the suburbs around successful middle/upper class people. I really appreciate how quiet neighborhoods can be and no kids playing in the streets. I also like that I don't have to have my guard up because I might run into some mentally ill person looking to fight me (This is from NY experience).
What do you guys think? Thank you for your help!

Boston certainly has better professional sports teams than Oregon.  Good luck on living in suburban Boston as a single mother, better run the numbers first.

I am not into sports so it's fine with me that Boston has better teams than Oregon. I don't have to live in Boston, I work remotely, I just want to be close enough to be able to drive to the office if I need to. I was hoping for someone to mention maybe a nice neighborhood that I can do some research on.

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