Urgent Assistance Exchange Rates in Milan Italy

Hello to all the members of expat.com.

I need one urgent help. One of my friend who just moved from India to Milano Italy had mistakenly carried a huge amount of Local Indian Currency to Milan Italy since the Indian Authorities at Airport didn't allowed him to exchange Indian Currency to Euros apart from a fixed amount which they exchanged at the Airport. Of course the Money is Legal but this  exchange limit rule is not clearly mentioned on Indian airport website so thats how the problem arises.

So our query is now what ways we have to exchange the Indian Currency to Euros since we tried for Exchange Centers in Milano Centrale Railway Station and Malpensa Airport and we also saw multiple websites but the exchange rate is very High, i mean we end up paying very high amount as commission either included in the final exchange rate or excluded from exchanged currency.

Can somebody assist regarding the same .......

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