Short stay visa refused for Filipina


I have a girlfriend in philippines, we applied for a short stay visa in france, we had all documents needed but, her visa got refused because they are thinking she might overstay in france even tho I gave the embassy my living adress with a resident permit and round-trip plane ticket already paid.

Does someone had the same experience ? if yes, please tell me what did you do after being refused...

I tried contact the embassy but no one is answering me or the standardist does want to talk about it. So I sent the embassy a e-mail...

Hello, I was approved with short stay visa but that was 4 years ago. Did you provide her "attestation d'accueil"?

Thank you for your reply,
Yes I did send her the "attestation d'accueil", after reviewing the documents, we guessed the error was on the date that we provided them. In fact, we misscalculated the number of days she is staying...
She will be staying from december 28 to february 28 (plane ticket), but the thing is, on the application form, we wrote 60days staying in france, but in reality it's 63 days...
So my guess is, this is the only mistake, so we are doing another visa.

May I ask you how long you stay in France and for what purpose ?

Hello, I only stayed 2 weeks at ang approved visa ko na binigay ng embassy ay 2 weeks lang din naka based sila sa request mo. Very keen and strict ang embassy kaya make sure talaga na yung documents coincide sa request nyo else like you said embassy will think na mag o-overstay yung gf mo. I don't know if my interview pa ngayon, dapat din lahat ng sagot lalo na sa purpose ng trip uniform sa mga documents mo. I remember, we submitted a day to day itinerary sa vacation ko, letter ng boyfriend at letter ko na din stating my purpose in travelling to France. My boyfriend also provided me "attestation d'accueil". Nag submit ako ng certificate of employent, at approved leave of absence ko from my work. Basta sinigurado ko na babalik ako sa Pinas. She can try again.

By the way, my purpose before was to visit my boyfriend and for tourism. Its just a short stay visa. We asked 2 weeks lang.

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