Living in Mongolia


I will be arriving in Mongolia in January. Please give me some tips and advice as to what kind of clothes do i need to bring? How cold is it there now? And how much is average daily expenses for a single male person. How expensive gadgets (laptop and phones)?Thank you.

I assume you`ve already arrived in Mongolia. You definitely need a winter coat (puffier the better), winter boots, hat, scarf and gloves as well as woolen underpants. You could buy them considerably cheaper in Mongolia, but if you`re shopping in a market or smaller shops you should go with someone local, else the shopkeepers might try to rip you off by doubling their prices. And the laptop and phone, other gadgets will be more pricier, since we are not a producing country, In fact any kind of service is cheap, and the products are expensive here. Where as it`s the opposite in Western countries. Hell, even the household items and beauty products, vegetables and fruits are more expensive in Ulaanbaatar than London. But the renting and the transportation is not that high.
I`d advice you to rent a flat near your job or in the city centre, because the traffic is unbearable and merciless. There`s no subway or other options, cycling is almost out of the question so you`ll be left with options a) walking in -30 degrees or b) get stuck in a bus full of people, over an hour. Let me know if you need anymore questions!

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