MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

khansahib :

What about you irene mine not got screened in applied on 14th aug.

I applied on August 28.
status is screening in till today.


Have you joined MOE at Abudhabi?

i have got screened IN mail on october 15. i was applied on August 22....hope to get interview soon....Do anyone know when will be the next  interview by MOE in UAE

I am in the same boat, I am told that they normally take a bit of time to respond. I will be teaching Travel, Tourism and Leisure too.

Anyone from L8 visa?

Hi everyone,

I have my interview tomorrow morning. One piece of information that I cannot seem to get my hands on (which I may be asked about in the interview) is how long does the Teacher Training Program take? I understand the contract is two years but am unsure if the Teacher Training Program is considered to last the full two years or if it is 3 months?  I have read 3 months online but am unsure.

Does it take 3 months or 2 years before you are given the UAE Teacher Licence?


which subject? where is the interview??

and when did you get screened in??

Health Sciences Teacher,

I applied through a recruitment agency in May of this year, they got me to set up an MOE account back in May and my application was "Screened In" shortly afterwards....but that is not how I have managed to be brought forward for my interview for tomorrow.

I had contacted the agency every single month since May and they have constantly reassured me throughout the process that my application remains open and that when the MOE are interviewing for Health Sciences, that I will be sent forward for interview. Then to my absolute shock, I found out two weeks ago, through an advertisement on a local jobs website in my home country of Ireland that the MOE were conducting interviews here in Ireland this week.

This information did not come from the agency I was with, they were clueless about it. I pursued the local advertisement I seen here in Ireland and was asked the same day if I could attend an interview for tomorrow to which I agreed. Entire timeline was a total of two weeks in comparison with the grand total of five months waiting for updates that never came from the agency I was with. Unbelievable. The MOE provided me with a new application ID number for my direct recruitment with them.

Anyone have any idea about an answer to my last question above?


Hii Noel...

First of all congratulation for being selected for the interview.I applied for business TTP position directly through MOE site on 16th November. After two days i received a message that my CV has been screened in and need to upload documents and now my application status shows that verifying profile and documents.So how long i need to wait for the interview call?How was your experience?

Hii Yusuf

For which post you are applying?

Hi there,

I did not apply directly through the MOE website. I also did not apply through a recruiter. I applied through an advertisement on a local job website in my home country of Ireland through email. I got invited for interview the same day and had my interview one week later.

My situation for applying is different to most people on this discussion. CV screened in 18th  NOV ,immediately after the submission of application.But so far i didn't receive any interview call. Iam expecting interview call soon.

Its Ok Noel...Actually currently iam working here in UAE as a lecturer and i heard that for next few months interview will be held only in UAE and Britain

Hi, Did anyone here apply with world teachers? I am from Ireland and I am waiting on my contract for the business teacher training programme. Anyone in a similar position? Thanks.

What is ur batch #?

I got my contract last week. Any one else Irish heading over on TTP?

workds123 :

I got my contract last week. Any one else Irish heading over on TTP?

Hi, I'm also Irish, due to fly out on March 7th. Still waiting on final contract/visa/itinerary .
It's usually fairly last minute from what i've read online.

When did you do your interview may I ask and where? Was it in Ireland in December? Thanks

noelreid :

When did you do your interview may I ask and where? Was it in Ireland in December? Thanks

Hi Noel,
Yes I did my interview in Dublin in December.

Thanks Jack,

Should hopefully be looking at an offer soon myself in that regards as I passed interviews.

What documents have they requested of you now that you have a had an offer of employment? Is a March start date guaranteed would you say?

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

How long need we wait to know whether we have passed the interview and been selected?


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