MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

I went through agency - Astute and based in England

Magnet.ashu :

Send me ur number so I can add u in a group which is already formed

Hello Magnet
Please add me to MOE group as I am waiting my final contract number ***

Thank you.

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When did you have your interview. Did you receive final contract as well.

Hello, mr/ ms sajham, I have also applied for English teacher & my interview date has not been finalized. can you share me your contact or msg on fb .
my fb profile is faisal karim, working in kvs sheohar.

Did anyone receive a call for an interview for final assessment before TTP


I have received the same travel date. I am currently in India and will hopefully be travelling
from here.

Hi, I am travelling on the same date.

Have u recieved final contract or any email?

did you receive the contract as well. I have been called for an assessment before TTP begins.

No just a final assessment interview before they put me in training. It's for English. Anyone in the same boat here ?

No buddy no such email I received

Hi.. You already passed ielts? or you are supposed to get it within one year? is it band 6.5 or 7? Thanks in advance.

I applied for English TTP. What did you apply for?

I applied for english..

Where are you based? Could you message me your number please.

Many of my friends got the same email today only direct from MoE

Anyone for English among them?

How did the final assessment go for you guys?

Did any one who gave final assessment for ttp in Sharjah on 28th get any email.
As I got to know one of my friends got email the same Day to join ttp on 16th june

this friend of yours, did he it she apply through the agency or directly?

she is a direct candidate and for computer science and also she has a CELTA certificate

Another CS lady got it yesterday only.

she was teaching as ENGLISH teacher as a part-time job, but her domain is computer science

I hope we all get it soon.

Did u get visa and ticket


I need some insight on the questions asked during interview and some tips to prepare for it. Also please share you experience after getting into the job.

Thanks in advance.

I am waiting for UAE moe teacher contract thru astute agency
Gave interview in March 2019 from india
I hope u have joined
Please let me know details reg the process ,how much waiting time from receiving contract to getting Visa and tickets
Please help me to know info reg TTP
Ur experience after joining

Hi, I am yet to join. The waiting time is really frustrating. I gave my interview in early February 2019 and is still waiting for my Visa and tickets. Once you pass the interview they will sent you an initial contract and travel from to sign and sent. After almost a month hopefully you will recive the final contract. After signing this off you will have wait till the mobilisation dates comes through. It takes almost 3 to 4 months for the entire process to finish. Above all they wont sent you the Visa until you are about 2 to 3 days due to travel.  I will let you know about the experience of working with moe once I reach.

Thank you for taking time to respond.

Can you please share your interview experience. I am looking to know the general questions asked and the average duration of interview.

Thanks in advance.

Interview was only around 5 or 10 min. They ask basic questions, why do you wanna teach? Uae kids hardly know any English, how are you gonna deal with it? Then, they asked me to do a mock teaching session based on the lesson plan made. Make a good lesson plan, and they might ask basic questions based on what you write in there. It's actually pretty simple. You might already know of the test prior to interview. There is a short test basic on the subject you are applying to.

Hey! Thank you for your time and help.

Wish you tons of good luck.

Good morning everyone,
I attended interview at Mumbai on 30th Mar'2019.
I received initial offer and sent back to them
I have submitted all my documents to them except birth certificate.
My birth certificate process is going on so it takes some time.
I am ICT.

My agency: astute

Can you add me whatsapp if any group available for above subject.
Thank you in advance.
Just reply me then I will send my contact details personally.

I forwarded ur msg in UAE selected group

Thank you so much

Please send me whatsapp at

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can you guys add me to the group as well. My contact number is ***

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I sent my whatsapp number to you personally
Please add me in group sir.

Did u get initial offer letter

I had attended UAE MOE interview in March 2019 at Delhi and had cleared the same. I got my initial offer letter. All other formalities were done. However, I have not yet received the final contract, though other candidates who had appeared for the interview from the same center have received their contracts yesterday. This is making me panicky. Anyone had gone through the same situation? TIA.

This is Vishnu, a teacher of English and a candidate for the interview to be held in July.  In case if you get any info regarding questions asked in the written paper, do let me know .

Thanks in advance.

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