Bien Hoa, Binh Duong or Vung Tau?

Hi there expats
I would like to get some quick advice from you on this one. I have to choose between theses 3 cities:  Bien Hoa, Binh Duong and Vung Tau. I am more interested in cities outside of Ho Chi Minh (me country boy🌂).
Now I just did a quick Google search and picked up Bien Hoa for its proximity of Saigon; but I quickly realised that  Binh Duong and Vung Tau are not too far either. The question is: Which one of these cities is best?
Well, tricky and vague question but I will leave it there...
To give you more context: I just need the cheapest lifestyle possible (cheesy I know), cheap rent, not much into city life or party or best coffee or beach for that matter. Don't care how many expats live in a city. All I really need is a reliable internet connection...
What's your thoughts.? Also I am thinking that there might be some  decent accommodation that is cheaper than advertised hotels/apartments. Any recommendations on where to look - let say in Bien Hoa for now?

Vung Tau is a small beach city on a peninsula about 2 hours from Sai Gon. It's in in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

If you want to live near the sea, choose Vung Tau. I'm not really familiar with the other two, but Bien Hoa seems to be a suburban industrial area very close to Sai Gon, across the river, and Binh Duong looks like it's more agricultural.

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