Holiday food in Thailand


End of year holidays around the world are such an exciting time of the year, with holiday food playing a big part of the traditions and celebrations.

What are some traditions surrounding holiday meals in Thailand?

Tell us about a few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in Thailand.

What are some of your favourites?

Are the food that are consumed during the festive season easy to prepare at home, or do most people buy them at the store?

Are holiday meals a big family festivity in Thailand?

Is there a general budget that people allocate to holiday meals?

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This is another of those generic questions, while relevant in some Judeo-Christian, Muslim or even Hindu cultures, doesn’t have much relevance in Thai culture.  Thais eat what they eat all year round  based on the growing season.  They may make a bigger show of it by killing a cow or pig on special days in village areas like mine but they end up eating the same dishes they eat all year long.

The wives of foreigners are often drawn into holiday traditions of their husbands and may make an effort to cook something traditional for them but there are always the normal Thai favorites provided for those who don’t care for farang food.

Thais will celebrate any holiday regardless of origin but it should be noted that the Thai New Year is in April.

As villagefarang has already mentioned, Thais do celebrate Christmas in a weird way, but not with special foods. Most of them believe that New Year and Christmas is the same. Only a few might know what Christmas actually is.

I have only been one Christmas in Thailand and that was last year and we did nothing special.The previous Christmases I have been in my home country with my kids.
This year we are going to a Restaurant in near the village where the owner is preparing a typical Christmas for Farangs.
I must admit I have never liked the Festive season as it is over glamorized and a waste of money.

ofcourse Thai have holliday foods … but in Satun they have four new years and yes they celebrate the X-Mas a bit .. with the santa claus hat and dreaming of the snow that many never saw...   foods like Dim Sum , masaman curry ..  special snacks of all kind …  a moon cake as a gift for the elders or dear …  no special x-mas dinner thow .. but offerings on the praying altar are a normal repeating thing in their lives …. even the moslims stand still at the moment of X-mas .. as Jesus is/was also a prophet in their story  … the shops try to commercially follow western style … and the few Christian churches try their best to show good faith .. must be what I like about Satun .. all religions peacefull next each other respecting their holidays and even joining them on their own way …    happy holidays everybody

I attended a work New Years party here in Bangkok once that ended up being held on Christmas day, and they never acknowledged that it was Christmas day, or mentioned any holiday except for New Years.  It seemed strange.

Foods do seem more consistent year-round than in the US culture I was raised in.  I've never noticed any holiday themed special foods.  There is  a vegetarian festival, an import from the Chinese tradition, so for a week or so in October a lot of people go vegetarian.  I think there is some special food they eat in Songkran (the original Thai New Year in April), but it's not common enough I remember what it was, or that we ever participated in that.  Chinese traditions seem to include a good bit more of that, so that local Chinese neighbors pass on different foods or gifts at different times related to those cycles instead.

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