Holiday food in Malta


End of year holidays around the world are such an exciting time of the year, with holiday food playing a big part of the traditions and celebrations.

What are some traditions surrounding holiday meals in Malta?

Tell us about a few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in Malta.

What are some of your favourites?

Are the food that are consumed during the festive season easy to prepare at home, or do most people buy them at the store?

Are holiday meals a big family festivity in Malta?

Is there a general budget that people allocate to holiday meals?

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As far as I am aware the Maltese do not have a tradional Christmas dinnner like roast turkey and Christmas pudding, I believe they tend to have their meal on Christmas Eve when the presents are opened.
I think majority do tend to cook as opposed to buying ready made food and a lot like to go out for a meal on Christmas Day, like we do too.  A lot of hotels do several courses which includes pasta and
shell fish and roast joints of meat whereas restaurants normally have a shortened version of their normal menu, which they will have where we are going.
I don’t know about Malta but in Gozo the locals do like to go out as a large family unit for meals anytime of the year. On the menu there’s usually several pasta dishes, pizza, fish is very popular and the meat
speciality is rabbit, pork here is very nice.

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