Holiday food in Germany


End of year holidays around the world are such an exciting time of the year, with holiday food playing a big part of the traditions and celebrations.

What are some traditions surrounding holiday meals in Germany?

Tell us about a few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in Germany.

What are some of your favourites?

Are the food that are consumed during the festive season easy to prepare at home, or do most people buy them at the store?

Are holiday meals a big family festivity in Germany?

Is there a general budget that people allocate to holiday meals?

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Chistmas is the most important holiday here, and not only for the religious folks (who are in a minority in Germany now). Usually, families get together on Chistmas Eve around a festively decorated Christmas tree, open presents and end the evening with a special meal.
What food is served depends largely on the specific tradition of the family or region. Common favourites are a whole roasted goose, duck (the Americans changed this into turkey) or carp. Sausages with potato salad is also common. Some families serve Raclette or Fondue (for me, Christmas is unthinkable without the latter!). Basically, anything that is considered a special treat is possible.
Naturally, nobody saves cost on the most important meal of the year. Shops overflow with delicacies for sale in the weeks before.
Another important German Christmas tradition is baking cookies. Although they are on sale everywhere, the self-made ones of course taste far better and are often given as presents in small, decorated sachets. They can be eaten at any time with a cup of tea or coffee, not only on Christmas day.
Please note that during the holidays, and in some cases until New Year or even Epiphany (6.Jan.), many shops and restaurants are closed, so it is wise to stock up on some foodstuff beforehand - you don't want to starve when everybody else is feasting!
I wish you all a merry festive season!

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