Holiday food in France


End of year holidays around the world are such an exciting time of the year, with holiday food playing a big part of the traditions and celebrations.

What are some traditions surrounding holiday meals in France?

Tell us about a few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in France.

What are some of your favourites?

Are the food that are consumed during the festive season easy to prepare at home, or do most people buy them at the store?

Are holiday meals a big family festivity in France?

Is there a general budget that people allocate to holiday meals?

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I am new to French culture and quite excited to learn and understand their tradition and culture. I have been in France a year now and experimented cooking french dishes which aren't much complicated. I found them comparatively easy and unique! During Christmas I find cheese based dishes like raclette and tartiflette. Also slow cook pork and sausages and ofcourse 'Vin chaud' (mulled wine). I am sure there are plenty more.
Way more to soak up and learn about this beautiful culture.

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