Are Numbeo prices close to what exist?

I am curious about whether the prices Asuncion listed on are close to what actually exists in reality.  Couple of examples they list a 1 Br apartment near the city center at $225 a month, 1 Br away from the city center  $180 per their summary they list  a single person's monthly expenses excluding rent at $408 a month. Curious about how this stacks up to whats really there.


I also found this confusing..

Hi Anna
Many thanks for the reply.  Curious about whether you found  my message confusing or the prices listed on Numbeo confusing? I live in Ecuador and am considering visiting Paraguay. Numbeo does price studies on many places  and gather information from people that reside there.

From your experience are the prices on Numbeo in line with what exists?

One way better to do this might be to quote the prices I posted in pyg
1 br close to city center would be 1,336,374
1br away from city center 1,070,909
if this is any help.the website is

Again many thanks for your reply and interest.


Numbeo gets reports on living costs from people living in the area, so it should be fairly accurate.

Since you live in Ecuador, you could compare what Numbeo says about the area in Ecuador where you live and see if it accurately reflects your living costs.

But like anywhere, a given person's income and spending habits and rental costs compared to another's can vary wildly even in the same city block.  So I would take Numbeo only as a guide but certainly not as a guarantee.

Here are some listings for apartment rental costs in Asunción, on Locanto, a free listing service that often includes listings by owners and not just agencies.  There does not appear to be a robust market since there are only a few listings: … /Asuncion/

But there are a lot more listings here: … s/asuncion

You can do a search for

asuncion departamentos alquiler

...and get many more links.

Hi Osage Archer
First -thanks very much  for the time and interest and the reply.....

Numbeo is pretty accurate for what I experience here in Ecuador.  It also holds true in Colombia and in Peru except for Lima where I found things a bit more expensive on the ground than indicated in Numbeo.

Your kindness in taking the time to provide  the links is deeply  appreciated and this is very helpful for me. Many of the ads  are for places that   are much more expensive than things here in say for example Quito. Using the comparison feature on Numbeo, it indicates  that rent prices in Asuncion are 25% lower than Quito.  This from  just a first glance looking at only a few of the ads on both Infocasas and Locanto.  I am going to spend more time with both these sites  this evening.

Again thanks very much  for your kindness and interest with a really helpful reply.

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