Coffee shop

Hello I am new to this but was wondering if anyone knew of a coffee shop in hurghada to buy or rent, I already have an apartment there and would also like a business

Hi Rose

As with buying a flat in Hurghada, buying or starting a business is also a minefield so I would suggest you conatact the expat ladies that have opened and are running a very successful cafe in Hurghada.
As you know there are so many coffee shops in Hurghada so the competition is very strong - these ladies have created a unique cafe experience which really appeals to expats especially.
I am sure they would offer you some good advice etc so I am posting a link to their Facebook page for the cafe so you can contact them via that.

Good luck :)

Thank you for that. My husband is Egyptian so it will be more of an Egyptian coffee shop .i already own property and didn't find that difficult, but I had the right help .

I wasn't suggesting that you open a cafe along the same lines as these ladies - more get information from them on the process, pitfalls, regulations etc. It would still apply to an Egyptian style cafe and you would be getting unbiased information :)