Application for an EP and Visit Visa simultaneously

Hi everyone,

I just resigned from my existing employer after 2 years in Singapore(as of Nov 30, 2018) and I left for my home country after securing a new job that begins effectively on the 1 Jan 2019

However, I have some other formalities and things I would like to do in Singapore during the Dec 15-25 period.

Since my EP application was just made today(4-Dec), chances of my EP getting approved by 15th Dec are negligible and I was wondering if applying for a tourist visa to visit SG for the 15 days would 'conflict' with my EP application and the MoM may consider either application as 'dubious'?

Option A: Don't apply for a Visit visa at all and wait for IPA ie. EP application to come through

Option B: Apply for the visit Visa anyway, and provide all supporting documents including being transparent about my new job(and attach the offer letter of the new job) so that ICA can see exactly what I desire from my visit.

I would love to hear from the community so I can make a quick decision. Thank you!

If you read previous threads, we have said numerous times that don’t resign before your new EP gets approval.

Now coming back to your query, there should not have an impact to your pending EP, if you apply for visit visa. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks a lot for your $.002 on the matter. I will post updates as and when they come through. Have a great day :)

Option B is fine and, as long as you are as open about the facts as you wrote (and don't do any work during your visit), there should be no ill effect.
But Option A of course would also work.

Thanks for your take!

Hi guys, quick update:

Surprisingly, my Visit Visa to Singapore was rejected! That was a bit a shocker and I thought maybe it was my very recent work history in Singapore? Thanks and I would love to hear some thoughts around this.

EP has been applied for on the 12th Dec. The usual nerves are kicking in. Job start date is 7th Jan, I'm hoping to receive the IPA by then.


Its not a good sign that someone’s (those have no adverse records in ICA’s data) visiting visa was rejected.

Hope it won’t have an adverse impact to your work pass approval. Good luck

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