Help with taxation

Hello, I'm from Romania and have been offered a job in Athens with the following payment structure

12 a YEAR 1250 EUR gross 2 a YEAR 2500 EUR gross
Monthly rent help 300 EUR net
Monthly Gift of 100 EUR from first month of hiring?

Can you please tell me how and how much would this income be taxed? I don't understand if the gift is taxed or not.
Also are there any deductions?

Also I can't speak greek (the job is german language) but If hired I need to learn, what is the average price of greek language lessons in Athens?

Thank you

Hello,the tax rate can be found on line,its high,if you will be entered into the state health care,you must pay each month,taken by your employer,I didnt quite understand how many payments per year but every single euro as wages or rent money or present money will be taxed and for the extras other than wages you may get an extra tax demand in June after you have submitted a tax return paper which you must use an accountant for,ours is 30 euro.And its no good bleating that this is a present or its for rent,they tax people on a pathetic pittance pension.If they demand an extra tax in June the accountant will tell you and you can make a one off payment or they give you a possibility to pay in 3 installments.My husbands employer gives him 46 euro a month extra for food by way of a a bank card,well he got an extra tax demand because they say its income so really the 46 becomes about 30,not one euro shall escape and if you do not pay they will open your bank account and help themselves.

Just to add to the tax conversation,everyone with an income has to pay an amount to the Welfare Fund,thats for the unemployed social care and over x amount of earnings one must pay a Solidarity Tax,the 25000 and above will pay a big whack on that,any bonus as I said and christmas,easter,summer extra salary will be taxed and its on a rising scale,more you earn more you pay.and now for the very big surprise..the government is crowd funding from the people of Greece or people from anywhere really for money to replace the ageing navy fleet of WAR SHIPS(couldnt resist caps)before you drop dead of hunger please make a donation,the bank deposit number can be found on line should anyone feel so inclined.I believe the government has just had a pay rise,they may be donating.

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