I want to get a credit card

Can anybody suggest me? how do i get a city bank credit card?

You can apply for most credit cards online. Go on the website and search for the card you want and apply.

https://www.citibank.com/bahrain/bhgcb/ … tm?tab=all cards&icid=BHMMCC1

Thnk u so much dear.
But there are some type of card, which will be better , have you any idea?

Depends on what you want i.e. limits, benefits etc.  Other then that, pretty much most of the basic cards are the same.

My salary is no more then 300, am i eligible to get it?
or Which package will be best?

you will have to ask the bank directly.... I think the minimum they accept is 600BHD salaries but worth asking anyway.

You posted that you want a Citibank card.  Unfortunately, the minimum income for Citibank cards is 800 BD.   You will be better off exploring other local banks where the income requirements might be less.  But I am not sure if any would give a card at an income level of 300 BD.

I've heard that some banks will give you a credit card if you give them a deposit for it.... For example if you give the bank 500BHD they will give you a credit card with a limit of 450BHD (90% of your deposit) to cover themselves if you don't pay off your card.

Your more likely to be considered also from the bank that your salary is payed into (especially if they can see that you have some savings)

Hope this helps....  :)

Yes the deposit thing works with pretty much most banks but at that salary level, it doesn't make sense.  Usually at that salary level, people want to have access to credit to be able to pay for stuff when they don't have the cash available i.e. towards the end of the month.  To make that deposit, they would need to have savings (not likely at that level - especially since you are sending money back home)

That is why banks peg cards to higher salary level or to deposits - all related to risk.

thnk u guys for your kind info...

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