Christmas Wine in DR.

I was in Carrefour ( supermarket on 10km Duarte today and find they have a sale of wines.

You always find some great wines here especially for the Christmas season. I grabbed a few bottles without much thought based upon labels and price and appear to have found some good drinkable stuff.

As an expat, I find the range of wines on offer at most outlets in DR at the seasonal time of year in particular is lacking. Even Bravo is falling short.

So my advice DR expat wine lovers is to go visit Carrefour and stock up!

The only other place that I have found some special wines for Xmas has been Supermercado Lindo in Las Terrenas . Also French!

.   Not quite an eggnog , but  cream, coco, rum based more than a shooter, but not by the glass libation.  Not wine, but a Caribbean x-mas staple is  Coqui   Every house, every bar has a bit of Coqui to give to everyone.  Waiting for te definitive recipe to share.  The stuff is GOOD!

Usually they bring in some better wines before Christmas. I have found a few at Carrefor and Bravo and National.

Currently Bravo and national have sales: buy 2 get 3!

I will have to get to Carrefor!

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