Thinking of relocating

Hi all
I'm currently living in Cambodia. Bali is on my mind as a new place to live. I am not old enough for a retirement visa. I have been written off by the government and I receive a disability support pension. I have a couple of questions.
1) how much does it cost to live in Bali doing on the cheap?
2)what are my visa options since I can't get a retirement visa?
3) is it easy to get meds in Bali? I take 4mg of risperidone each evening. Do I need a prescription?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Bali is probably as cheap as Combodia but maybe Combodia is cheaper.  The issue of your meds .did you get script from Australia
  I got my meds from Australia but ran out
If you got script from Combodia or just over the counter if meds from Combodia Bali can give meds over counter as long as it is available. 
With your visa issue. I am on a six months social visa but organized through agent in Bali. 
If you have savings plus pension and budget you could manage to live here.   
Sorry that's the best I can do  🙂

Thanks for responding.
I have a stock of meds with the prescription I filled before I left Australia. After they run out I can easily go to a large reputable pharmacy and arrange to buy the same medication. No need to see a shrink (psychiatrist)'. Is it as simple as that in Bali?
I guess what I'm trying to do is work out what it will cost me to live in Bali per month. In Cambodia I live on a budget of 480us dollars per month. I can afford to go a little higher but not by much. I stay in a very cheap guesthouse.
Seeing I won't qualify for a retirement visa. I'd like to work into my budget how much visa extensions are going to cost along with visa runs and what's involved. Any insight would be appreciated,

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