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Salam Alaykum to all. I Ronald from Philippines. I worked before in Saudi Arabia for about 5 years. Now I like to work again. I already selected for a job in Oman (first week of November). I already finished medical exam here in Philippines and already send to Oman the medical record(already attested by Ministry in Oman also) for visa requirement. After  1 week the HR of my employer in Oman message me by an email that says  "I would like to keep you informed that we have received your employment visa.  We will now proceed with the next stage of your visa process."
That message is just yesterday December 3. Now my question is the employer already received the employment visa but he said also that they will go for the next stage for the visa process. Whats the next stage of the visa process he/she means? and How much time I wait or how many days? because today marks 1 month from the time I selected for a job.Can anyone help me for this matter?  Thanks and God Bless to all

Hi naldex12345,

For the employer / sponsor, 'the next stage of the visa process' is only to submit the original visa in the deposit counter at the Muscat International Airport and to send the employee the visa deposit receipt and the copy of the employment visa.

There is nothing further to be done, once the employment visa has been issued.

Please make sure that you are not being taken for a ride by whoever is claiming to be your employer. Verify and have their credentials thoroughly checked.

I do hope that you have a proper 'Offer Letter', as well as a formal 'employment contract' which should list the complete terms and conditions of your employment.

The employment contract should be on the company's letterhead (bearing the company registration number [C.R. No.], registered with Oman's Ministry of Commerce and Industry), and signed by an 'authorised signatory' with the company's official seal. Unless you have all these in ORIGINAL, do not consider your offer as a valid or an authentic one.

Do not get carried away by the enthusiasm of having secured a job, when you are not cent per cent sure of its authenticity or validity.

The onus is on the expatriate employee to ensure that the company he / she is planning on joining is a genuine company and the offer is indeed a valid one.

Mr. Sumitran thanks for the wonderful answer for my question.. And also thank you for the advice. I hope that this company that I will joined is not alibaba company.

Mr. Sumitran. further question after finish the employment visa. This is the next step he/she message. (Your application is currently under process in Philippine embassy.  I will keep you posted once it is cleared from here.) What application to be process in Philippine Embassy and how many days it will be process?

Hi naldex12345,

If I were you, I would call up the Philippines Embassy in Muscat directly and ask them for clarifications. That would at least be authentic information.

The contact details of the embassy are easily available online.

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