13a visa

if you apply for a 13 a or I think a 13 g visa say you get it how long do you have to use it a year or 6 months is there a time limit on it ?


The estimated process will take 3 months. For the first application you will be granted with a validity of 1 year (provisional). For the renewal it will be permanent visa stamp with an ACR I-Card valid for 5 years. Then you will need to undergo an annual reporting to the Bureau of Immigration every first quarter of the year. And must renew your i-card for at least 60 days before the expiration date.

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Hi what are the requirements for applying 13a visa, my husband is pakistani

You can apply Temporary Resident Visa for your husband since he is a Pakistani (restricted) nationality. TRV is an applicable visa type for him.

You can visit personally to the Bureau of Immigration for further clarifications regarding with the requirements.

Below list for your reference:
Letter request to commisioneer
CGAF application form
Joint affidavit
NSO marriage cert.
Proof of financial capacity
NBI clearance
Barangay clearance
Original passport

For Filipina spouse:
NSO birth cert


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