what can i do?

First of all i am sorry that this post is so messy but i just don`t know what to do and where to seek for help.
I was born and raised in Poorland( funny joke right).When i was 15 my mom made me move to germany because of financial reasons.First year i was going to school here but i just couldn`t adapt.Germany is great country that has a lot to offer for sure.But i just can`t stand that language i hate it i really do.When i was 16/17 i made school dropout.I  was depressed sitting in my room 24/7 with no friends whatsover doing nothing but just listening to music. I don't want to  live here in germany for the rest of my life because im not happy here and i never will.Right now im 18 years old and i just lost hope.I want to study i really do but somewhere where i could be happy like UK for example.But i cant afford to live there.Im from broke family.I am fatherless and my mom got pregnant at the age of 17/18.Do i have any possibilities ?

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

If I have this right, you're Polish, living in Germany, don't like it there very much and want to sort your life out?  The facts are that as an EU citizen, you have the right to live and work anywhere in the EU.  The problem you're going to have is that because you dropped out of school, you have no qualifications and because of that, you have no job experience, kind of a circle of doom - nobody will employ you, so you can't get the money to go elsewhere.

Your genuine options are limited; the first thing I would recommend is that you try and sort things with your mother, she's the only family you have and believe me, there is no fun in being alone in the world.  Next, you need to speak to someone to see what you can do to sort your life out; you won't be the first person in your situation, there will be charities who you could probably talk to, perhaps they can help to get you back into education so you have some formal training behind you.

You've posted this in the England forum so I assume you're considering the UK as an alternative; up until March 29 next year, you will have the right to live and work in the UK, but with no qualifications, it will probably be as bad as you think it is in Germany.

I know someone extremely well who found himself in a situation very similar to yours, he joined his countries armed forces; they fed, clothed and trained him, to the extent that he left 24 years later with a university degree, a very good job and now gives crap advice to people on Forums in his spare time.

Don't know how much I've helped, but I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your life.

Expat Team

how is that helpful? "Next, you need to speak to someone" ye who is that someone? you think if i would know i wouldnt do that by right now ?i dont want to work since i have no qualification , i said clearly i want to pursue my education get it back on track and im asking how can i do it, sadly in this world nobody gives a *** about you unless you have money, born in poor family = no life at all

You need to look around you and reach out to people who can help you; if you sit there moaning on the Internet and do nothing, then nothing will change.  Start at the local church, they don't only sing in there, the priest is there to help everyone.  He will have contacts in the social services who may be able to help you.

im aware that crying wont help at all , listen i know i have to do something and i want to contact social services but i just dont know how to reach them , i was looking everywhere on internet every freakin forum and nothing,

i know im rude and im sorry for that but its just i really want to change my life, educate , the issue is that i dont know where to seek for help, i dont know anything about life , im just 18 and everything my family has taught me are bad words and smoking cigarettes

if i would have lets say 2000$ just so i can move to UK and live there for 1 month do you think i would find help there? like if i would go to school would they help me pay rent ?

Don't worry about being rude, I've had far worse than you.  You haven't said how old you are, but I guess you're over 18, so you can move to the UK, you have the right to live and work there - that may all change once Brexit hits us.

As for advice about social support in the UK, they have an organisation called the Citizens Advice Bureau; this link will take you to their website about getting social benefits.

If your next question is can I lend you $2000 - don't ask as a refusal often offends. :)

no listen i would have like 2000/3000$ so i can move there, the issue is i dont want to work in moncdonald there, i would love to fully focus on school, My mom is living with me now in germany and she is doing nothing, no school or work whatsoever and yet they give her money to live and pay rent, so its really weird if they wouldn`t support the guy that wants to study

Then the UK Citizens Advice Bureau should be your first stop for advice about help in the UK.

also if i was about to move to england what city should i have eye on? is there a point of moving to london? i know its overpriced as hell but on the other hand it seems like multicultural heaven and a lot of schools are there

Hi again,

You haven't said what kind of school you're looking for, but there are schools all over the country.  London is very expensive; I'm culturally blind but as far as London is concerned, apart from the cost of living there, it is also a crime hotspot and you are more likely to get stabbed and killed there than in any other place in the country.

I live in the North of the UK - the cost of living is much lower and plenty of training colleges.

I need to do hella research today. I am afraid i will have to do at least one year in high school. If you asking me who i want to become in life then i guess salesman? mostly because i was always huge fan of us version of the office d; ( ye i know its silly reason)

but what cities would you suggest? what about manchester or glasgow?

I've worked in both Glasgow and Manchester, either is good.

Once you hit 18, high school is no longer an option for anyone in the UK, you are talking about adult education for which you have to pay for.  This education is normally conducted in local colleges; this link will take you to the Manchester City Council website that deals with Adult Education.  The education structure in Scotland is different to England, this link will take you to a similar college website in Glasgow, there will be others you can find using Google.

I've never worked in Sales, nor watched the US version of Office, but have seen a few bits of the original British version - from what I saw, that was nothing like any sales office I've been in.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Ok seems like if i want to study not work then i have no rights for any benefits, anyway i have talked with my mom and it seems like i could move there.
Is it possible that i can make a living for 1100$ per month?
What cities should i have eye on?
and what type of property should i rent?
Also will i be able to rent a room if i dont have a job right now?
im sorry for all those questions but im really newbie

Hi again,

Excellent news about your mum. :)

Regarding the cost of living; the Numbeo website offers details about this for places all over the world; this link will take you to the details for Manchester.  You can change the settings for Glasgow and other cities to find the one that suits your budget.

With regards to renting; as a non-UK citizen, you will not have any credit rating, the majority of landlords use this to check if you're going to pay your rent.  If you have no credit rating, then they will expect a significant cash deposit up-front.  Likewise, with no credit rating, you won't be able to get anything on credit, so mobile phone, stuff for your flat.  It will be difficult for you.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I know its hard to say but about 2000 pounds deposit up front would be enough if pcm is 650 ?

If the requirement is for a 3-month deposit, then that would be enough for the rent.

im still worried because i can manage to gain cash, but i have no job or possibility for co sign, im afraid they won`t let me rent even a signle room :s also cynic thanks for your time and help buddy, do you know any sites where can i look for rooms to rent? i know only like 2-3

davidxyz :

im still worried because i can manage to gain cash, but i have no job or possibility for co sign, im afraid they won`t let me rent even a signle room :s also cynic thanks for your time and help buddy, do you know any sites where can i look for rooms to rent? i know only like 2-3

Nobody is going to long-term rent you anything from abroad.  My advice is that if you have nowhere to go on arrival, is to use something like AirBnB for the first fortnight, it will give you a chance to find a place and ask about the other things, look for work, open a bank account etc.  If at the end of a fortnight, you haven't got anywhere, then you can decide whether to stay, or go back and not have invested much more than 2 weeks short-term rental.

Where to look - Rightmove is one website; this link will take you there.  There are others - Google is your friend here.  One word, beware of scammers, some houses you see on the internet don't exist, or they do but are not owned by the person trying to let it; he/she will take your deposit and run.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

yes i was thinking about airbnb for first week, but my question is do i really like have to find a job just so i can rent a room?

Hi again.

It's not a legal requirement, but no job = no income = diminishing ability to stay as your cash reserves are depleted.

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