What Banks Seem Favorable to North Americans

Has anyone had good,bad,ugly experiences with banks here in Brazil. It would help to know which bank or banks have favorable lending practices and will work with USA banks on wire transfers...thanks in advance

It was great when HSBC was here. Sadly gone and difficult now.
I would look near you and find an English speaking rep you can work with.
BB of course is the daddy of all. Look at online services. Some have come a long way.
Itau is praised by many.
I am just amazed as to banks charging for their credit card.

Who bought out HSBC and I believe CitiBank was here also I don't remember who bought them out, Itau can take a flying leap, BB might be the Ticket to paradise, thanks I'll see what's on line. I am not sure yet I think there is one of the banks in Brazil has a office in Florida..

Bradesco bought HSBC BR.
Only problem with BB US, Bradesco US are bank separated from BR when I decided to move here I talked with all and HSBC was the only one which I could to "bank to bank" transfers for free. Now it is wire transfers.
Send an email to the bank you are considering as to options.
I take a trip tp Ft Lauderdale if I need to deposit U$D. HSBC has a branch there.
I do not know as to Citi bank or others.


De nada. In my case I knew what city I was moving. So I had limited banks in Foz and HSBC was the best choice. Now more have came and even new branches near my house.

Been here 2 years, new city,new state, new beginning,new fate. I need a loan for Roller Skates..I gotta lighten up,intensity in Brazil=Frustration...jus sayn..and the Noa Entendo is getting old, I think it's ingrained to say Noa entendi before one finishes the question. ...lmao

Quite a change, Paraná to Pará -- a lot more than one syllable!  All the best.  :top:

We've had very good luck with Banco do Brasil.  An advantage of the two government-owned back, BB and Caixa Econômica Federal ("Caixa", "CEF"), is that they're EVERYWHERE, even in all but the very smallest towns.  Caixa's fees are also a little lower than the outrageous Brazilian norm.

At any Brazilian bank, taking the time to get to know the manager and/or the assistant managers can help a lot in this relationship-driven society.  It sure helped us get the transfer to buy our apartment released in 24 hours at BB.

BB has good online tools, and a useful Android app; we use them to pay most of our bills, and I can even release my monthly transfer from the States on my phone, and don't need to go to the bank anymore.

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