Family visit visa rejected 3times

Hello,I applied family visit visa for my mother-in-law and it was rejected 3 times and the reason it shows we hape to fill new application and get the chamber of commerce where you are located.

But I do the chamber of commerce in my location only.

Kindly tell me what is the solution for it.

Thanks in Advance

i hope your application got approved,
i applied visit visa 2 times for my family and mother in law, and my application got rejected reason being the same, location...
what should i do?
please update me on the matter, would be grateful.
thanks in advance,

The COC attestation is NOT for where YOU as a person are located or living but where your visa is from.   Many companies issue visas from different branches in parts of the Kingdom whereas the employee is working elsewhere.  So check that first.

Hi good day...

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Even my family visit visa for my family got rejected for 2 times reason is same get COC from your location. But my HR done COC where my company registration (i.e) Jeddah. But am living and working in Al qassim branch. What I should do please explain

hello friend
am masum working Dammam passport office
you make chamber from your sponsors
Then I hope you will get a visa

Done like this only. My  HR got chamber done

Hi, Please will you help me how you did it, my family visa rejected twice due to same reason .
thank you.

1  Update your national id address registration then make chamber from the same city of your national address.
  2  when you make new application make sure your address you given to the application is exactly matched to national address reg. ( better copy paste from national address reg)
3   when you go for chamber office of your city you want to attach the rejection notes of your previous application.( you can download and print it from mofa site)

You can make it 2 methods.
1   when you make your visit visa application give your company address of where your company registered in COC. then try to chamber from the same city. then your application become stamped from COC and goes to MOFA. after 3 days you can find a rejection note from the mofa site. it may be "We hope to fill out a new and approved application from the Chamber of Commerce where you live"
so here you want to make new application with your exact address which you already given to national address registration. then try to stamp from your city COC and dont forget to attach the previous rejection note with your new application when you go COC. ( your living city COC will chamber your application only if you have a rejection note of your previous application)

2  When you make your Visit visa application give your exact address which you already given to national address registration( copy paste from national address reg).then try to stamp from the city  where your company registered to COC. then that COC will give you a rejection note. by using this rejection note you can stamp your application from your living city COC.( DONT FORGOT TO ATTACH THE REJECTION NOTE WITH YOUR APPLICATION WHEN YOU GO TO YOUR LIVING CITY COC).

Definitly MOFA will compare you application given address with your national address registration. here they will found any variation is the main reason for rejecting your application and you will got a note which may be "We hope to fill out a new and approved application from the
Chamber of Commerce where you live"

My visa got rejected sayinf reapply new application , fill the application according to the passport and determine the place of issuance and place of birth according to the passport in online mofa?? What should i do? Plese reply me

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