do you know about visa/temporary residencia?

i am here for volunteer. and i  got nm1 visa in korea, so when i arrived, i submit my document in the online website of migration to get temporary residencia. but they keep reject in unexplainable Spanish. so i give up to get temporary residence. and i will be here for 1year. As if it were written on my visa

i wonder, if i don't get a temporary residencia, then Do I get a disadvantage when I leave? Even with a one-year visa?

It appears you have a one year work permit visa and you can stay for a year legally with your work. It does not qualify you for residency.

See attached: … s-multiple

I will leave you to translate using an online translator.

I  heard that I have to do something about my visa after entry. and I thought it was a residence application. Is not that right? then do i miss something? it's been almost 3 months after entry

I will message you privately. Send me a copy of the rejection and  I will see what I can do to help.

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