Coming in germany with family

Hello! I’m a Filipina. I got a job offer in Itzehoe, Germany  as a Process Engineer and I accepted it. My question is can I bring my family with me the same time I fly to Germany or they have to wait for a certain time ( thru FRV) before they can join me? Hope to hear feedbacks from you guys!  Thanks!

If you have a valid work permit and fulfill the requirements for their family reunion visa (FRV), you can of course apply before coming to Germany and, if approved, come together with them.
Please keep in mind that the processing time for FRV can be very long (3 - 6 months) and it may be difficult to fulfill the requirements before arriving - especially if you need to show sufficient living space (e.g. rented accommodation).

Hello! Thanks for your response.
But this it the confusing part for me, since my family needs my residence permit as one of the requirements for their frv application, then does it mean I really have to fly to germany alone then settle my residence permit before they can complete their requirements? From my research, i have to acquire work visa in my home country then secure residence permit upon arrival to De.With this timeline, I’m seeing another   3-6 mos from the moment my family  have submitted the requirements before their visa issuance.Is this right? If so, then there would be no option for us to go there together? Or is there some kind of simultaneous visa application for me (working visa with job contract)  and my family ( frv)? For the accomodation part, my employer will find us temporary housing upon arrival.

As I said, you can apply together with your family if you fulfill all the requirements - which might be difficult as you found.
You need a residence, not residence permit, for the FRV application. I am not sure if your employer's temporary housing upon arrival is accepted - please clarify this with the German embassy!

Oh i see, i’ll check that out with my employer! Thanks a lot!0

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