Hi all,

I am from South Africa, 41 years old single female, with no dependents. I would love the opportunity to work in Ireland! I am a Senior IT Recruitment Consultant with 18 years experience in this specific field. I heard that it is not that easy to obtain a job in Ireland, so I am willing to do any kind of work there to get my foot in the door. A friend of mine lives with  a family in Ireland and she is like a caregiver/aupair to them. She is 51 years old and been there for two years already and very happy! I have also been a house-mom (lived in) for 9 orphan children for 4 years (2009-2013).
Where would I be able to obtain a similar job? Would someone be able to refer me to families perhaps?

Thank you and it's wonderful to be part of this group, trust I will find favor soon!

Kind regards
Georgia Ann Norris (Chuck Norris's niece hahaha!! ;)

Hi Georgia and welcome to the Forum.

Unfortunately, the Irish Government changed the rules regarding immigration and whatever scheme your friend used has now been replaced.  Probably best if you read my post on "IRELAND - WORK PERMITS"; this link will take you straight there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you for the feedback Cynic.

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