Dependent Visa


My husband is belgium Citizen and I am from India. We soon would be applying for my dependent visa.
I have a question. The scenario is that
in my old passport that was issued in 2009  birth place is written Thalesa. I renewed my passport in 2018 and birth place was written Thalesa only. But the problem is that
on my Birth certificate Birth place is Patiala.  And now i have made changes in 3rd passport also . I have made it to Patiala from Thalesa.
I want to know will embassy ask for my old passports as well and if they will ask for the same then do you think the changed birth place name will create a Problem.
Kindly advice do they need only current passport or all the old one and new ones.
And they need old ones,, will there be any problem regarding changed birth place.

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