A new expat here

Hi All,

My name is Bruce and I made a permanent move to Cebu last May from California.  For the past 6 months have worked on getting settled in.  While I am 'new' here now I did live here for a bit over 2 years from 2012 to 2014 so was already familiar with Cebu and the Philippines before making the permanent move.

So now living here enjoying a new life adventure.  At this point in my life I am retired and have been for a while.  I am hoping to find new friends here to share thoughts and experiences and enjoy good conversations and activities.  I enjoy sports, movies, reading, writing just to name a few areas of interest.

As I mentioned I am from California having lived there my entire life.  But I have done quite of bit of traveling the past 15 years or so and have enjoyed visiting and learning about all the different cultures and people of the world.

Anyway, wanted to introduce myself and perhaps at some point make new friends here.  In the meantime, I will continue to learn about the new country I am living in.

Take care

Hi Bruce and welcome to the forum, plenty of info on this site if you have time to do the research. Others I am sure will help with other issues including learning about the country we have decided to call home,,,,,, an ongoing learning curve but one most are able to deal with in many interesting ways as we do as individuals from all walks of life.
Hope you enjoy and look forward to your input.

Cheers, Steve,

Welcome here Bruce.

  I am up in Manila, but hope you meet up  with expat  buddies in Cebu


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the welcome!! I have plenty of time to do the necessary research and I will.  The advantage I have is that I am already somewhat familiar with things here having lived here for over 2 years several years ago.  So the curve for me shouldn't be too great.

I have already bought a condo, a car and have my residency and have settled in and ready to explore and interact in the social aspects.

Take care

Hi Bob,

Anytime you are in Cebu give me a heads-up and we can meetup.  I have little experience in Manila so it would be fun to hear about Manila from someone living there.


Enjoy Bruce, there is probably plenty that you could tell us about Cebu as I could and have done over the years about Manila. A provincial bloke here that will be very happy some 5 hours north of the capitol.
Cebu is definitely on the visit list so well may catch up one day once we settle in like you.

Cheers, Steve.


Would be happy to exchange experiences with you!  I am always fascinated in learning new things and about new places.  I know Manila but VERY little, having only been there twice for less than a week each time.

Chau, Bruce

Hey Bruce... I too came from Cali. What's the plan here...just hang, drink and play?  I'm south in Mindanao so won't get to crawel much in Cebu, but it's a lively town. Good luck and welcome.

Hi Greystone,

Lived here for over 2 years a few years ago.  This move back is a permanent one to be with my GF and live here.  Give me a heads-up if you are every coming to Cebu-we can meet up. 

Thanks for the greeting.

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