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Can anyone share experience what is bets grocery delivery service? Looking at basic things like bread, ham cheese, vegetables, chicken breast etc. Nothing special! So far Tesco is my fav looking on online offers but maybe there is something local I'm missing

Also, anyone has any idea where (or can I even get) I can get El Paso kits? I mean these kits to do burrito/enchiladas/ chilli concarne at home? Or shop (preffer online) where you can get individual ingredients (ex. refriend bean, tortilla base etc.). Love Mexican food and get used to do my own tortillas every week!


Have you tried cold storage supermarkets for mexican items? I'm not sure if they deliver but I found they always had a wide selection of items like you've mentioned.

Try happy fresh app it’s online grocery delivery app.

Hope it helps

I use online grocery delivery all the time. Initially I used Tesco a lot since their delivery is relatively decent (they use cold storage trucks) and though I can't compare it to the UK its not bad as far as Malaysia. The great thing for me is that Tesco Malaysia does carry some of the range from the UK which is good even though they of course charge more than double the UK price for the privilege!

More recently I use HonestBee since they often have offers of 15RM off etc. and recently they have had an offer free delivery with min of 150RM but their delivery is usually only on motorbikes so not good for items that need to stay cold like frozen and especially seafood/fresh chicken etc.

I haven't yet tried HappyFresh though imagine its pretty similar to HonestBee.

As far as El Paso kits - you might be able to find them at BIG (so ordering through HonestBee).

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