Top Things Discovered in Bariloche, Patagonia

Here are the top ten things I discovered during my three weeks in Bariloche (November-December)...

10.  The views of Lake Nahuel Huapi (WOPP-ee) and the snow-covered mountains beyond .. are as great as 'advertised'.

9.  For anyone staying at the view-tastic Hotel Panamericano, the massage work offered by veteran masseuse Verónica is fabulous and 'profundo'.

8.  I could find only one place in town selling the 'Sube' (SOO-bay) electronic tickets needed to ride the buses.  It's a 'kiosko' near the Civic Center.

7.  The 'supermercados' I visited did not carry fresh pineapple -- known in these parts as 'ananá' (ah-nah-NAH), not 'piña' .. though they do stock grapefruit -- known here as 'pomelo', not 'toronja'.

6.  The table games at Casino de Bariloche are open only about six hours a day -- from 9:30 p.m. to 3:45 a.m. on weekdays, and from 10:30 p.m. to 4:45 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday nights. 

5.  The casino games included blackjack, house-banked poker-variant games, and dice -- five tables in all.  Minimum blackjack bets were about $3 US in Argentine pesos.  A player could wager at up to six spots (100-700 pesos per spot) on the rare occasions when there was little action in the 'pit'.

4.  The one ATM I have used dispensed a maximum of $55 US per transaction (in pesos) for a fee to the bank of about $11.  Other fee(s) beyond what the Bariloche branch charged .. may apply.  Visa cards were widely accepted by merchants and eateries in the tourist-friendly zones.

3.  The Internet was rocky at the two places I stayed, the Americano hotel and an AirBNB apartment.  Service disappeared periodically with outages daily (restorable by unplugging/re-plugging the modem at the AirBNB).

2.  I kept coming back to the vegetarian restaurant named Ren on San Martín.  They cooked up vegetarian fare as good and varied as anything I've had outside of Nyota's Ting (Jamaica, New York).  Ren is not fancy -- the food is priced by weight, same price for every dish.  They will load up a plate to-order from the display 'windows' .. and prepare it for take-out or heat it up for immediate consumption via a microwave oven.

And the number-one thing in Bariloche...

1.  The Patagonia sun.  Intense, intense, intense.  There wasn't a single rainy day during the recent stay.  The early part of the stay in mid-November included cold and windy days near the lake.  The latter days were much milder in all respects as the Patagonia summer ensued.

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