Filipinos living in Frankfurt or nearby

Allo. Am Shiela from the Philippines, and currently working in Shanghai, China. I am moving to Mainz next year January 2019. I am definitely interested to meet up with fellow Filipinos, and to join any events or organizations.

Please note that there are also many nice Germans and people from other origins in Germany. Only hanging out with fellow Filipinos defeats the purpose of living abroad. Keep your mind open!

Hi Sheila!

I am a Filipina. Geographically, I live near Frankfurt but I don't visit the city that often like before, I hate the traffic and parking problems. We have FB groups you can join. And Beppi is right, don't limit yourself having Filipina friends, make friends with other nationalities too, esp.the Germans, it will help you a lot with the integration. As I first came here, my first friends were Germans and other expats from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Columbia and Poland. It helped a lot esp. in learning the language.

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