Is 19000RM/month (before tax) enough for a couple in Kuala Lumpur?

Depends on your lifestyle, but on average it's more than just enough for a couple of two

19,000 RM per month but before Tax?

I am working here so I can not give you exact answer
But I think after tax you would get more than 15,000 RM.
I was told that income tax here is not so much. but foreigner is a little higher than local.
If you have 15,000 RM per month for two person without kids, your couple can live well in KL.
Rental of an unit ( good place in KL, and secured condo with good assess to MRT etc..) around 3,000 RM
Electricity per month : around 100-200 RM
Internet connection : around 150-200 RM
Normal food in normal restaurant for one person : around 10-20 RM
Normal grocery and foods purchasing per month : around 3000 RM?
others? :??

So basic cost of living monthly in KL would be 10,000 RM to 13,000 RM  ( I think normally enough)
But if you like to drink alcohols, the price is not cheap.
Normal glass beer in a pub is around 20 or 30 RM. Consider this.

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