To get the iquama copy or number

Hai,previously my wife was in Saudi as a nurse.when she left from Saudi gave back the iquama and we don't have the copy also.Now we are in a need of iquama copy.Is there any chance to get the iquama copy or atleast the iquama number.kindly please help us.Thank you in advance

there is 2 ways , 1- ask the previous sponsor in saudi arabia about the iqama number or photo if you can reach him/her ( the sponsor or the institution that issued to her the iqama )

2- i'm sure that she has a saudi visa sticker on her passport so i think you can visit the saudi embassy in your country and take the passport with you so that they can look to the visa and maybe they help you to get the iqama number  , hopefully this work with you

but i think the easiest way is to contact the human resource/clinic/hospital where she was working and ask them to give her the iqama number or a copy

search at home
recall she might wrote iqama no. some where or given it to somebody for any official task

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