LTSVP work visa complications

Hi all,
I am from India and married to Malaysian. I'm holding LTSVP since 2+yrs. I found job in KL and wanted to apply for work approval. I went Johor to apply since my family is currently staying there and wife must be present during application. There I found 2 things:
1. My LTSVP is processed in Johor and the job offer is in KL hence they cannot stamp. The officer will have to transfer my file to KL first.
2. Since the company is in KL, I have to apply for approval stamp in KL only.

For point 1, it seems it usually takes around 3 months to transfer the file. Until then I will not be able to work. When I told that my employer will not wait for 3 months, the officer assured to expedite the process to 1 month, which is quite unrealistic given the history of beurucracy and slow working. And so I'm thinking to ask my employer to apply for Employment Pass as they are ok for it.

My questions are
1. Would it be better to apply for Employment Pass. I understand by doing this will cancel my LTSVP.
2. For LTSVP cancellation, is it done at KL during EP process or has to be done in Johor as it was issued there?
3. During processing of EP, do I need to go back to my home country or can stay here in Malaysia?
4. How long does the complete process take and how soon I can start working?
5. In future, can I apply for LTSVP again if I resign my job? Will it be considered fresh application or continuation?

Appreciate your help and apologies if any of the queries are repeated. I have been searching across the forum and internet but have not come across my scenario. Thank you.

I have found answers to my queries. For the benifit of others, I will post it here.
1. Applying EP is the best option and yes this will cancel the LTSVP.
2. LTSVP will be cancelled once the EP stamping is done.
3. No need to go back since I have already been staying in Malaysia for quite a while plus the application is for EP.
4. Stage 1 takes 7 working says provided all the documents are proper. Stage 2 another week or so.
5. Can apply for LTSVP again but it will be considered fresh application.

Are you sure the LTSVP is cancelled as soon as the EP is stamped?
My immigration agent asked me to cancel my LTSVP visa first

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