Family Visa

I want to apply new visa for my infant who born on 13/10/2018, my wife and first child already have residence visa but now in  india and i want to know whether my company can apply visa with out any updates in salary as my wife and first child already renewed visa on may 2018.

Hi Ahmed i think i might know someone who can be helpful with that?..  drop me an email so i can huk you up. kateaudrey89[at]

ok thank you i will send you through email.

okay looking forward i really hope he helps your new cute babe. good luck

Your company should be able to apply for the dependent visa, i dont think there is a need to ask someone else regarding this. I am not sure what do u mean by salary update?


Salary Update in GOSI as the new rules is for BD450/-

What is the point of your post?  It seems you are not aware of the Bahrain Visa process.

Dependent visas are applied for by the sponsor ie company even though it is the employees family. The employee himself or herself cannot sponsor dependents without sponsor consent.

Also the gosi limit applies but in your case some relaxation might be possible as your family came before the change. You need to ask your company to follow up for that.

Thank you for your reply

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