Accommodation Deposits

Just wondering if there are any particular rules or requirements before I pay the deposit and first months rent. Particularly if it will impact on getting the deposit returned at the end of the stay.
Any advice would be get as it too much to not get back.

I never had a problem. Even left my apt two months early.

If you leave the place in the same condition as when you move in, the deposit must be returned to you at the time of your leaving without any haggling.  However, for your protection, I would add a sentence to the contract specifying that the deposit is to be returned on the last day of the stay.  Then I would have the landlord reprint the contract with that add-on sentence.

It's rarely that landlords refuse to return the deposit, but some may say that it would take them a few days to withdraw money from the bank.  That's why you need to give them a 30-day notice in writing so they cannot come up with any excuse.

Same as Wxx3, I've never had any problems with landlords, but I've first hand knowledge of the struggle my niece recently had with a tenant from Hell (who is also an expat) demanding full refund of his deposit after only 2 month stay on a 6-month contract.  She gave him back his money just to get him out of her building.

Everyone's experience is not the same.

I know about any possible ways- no deposit returned, parts returned as well normal return. The first 2 options are still quite frequently occuring..

At least once, for sure, the landlord was not right in keeping the deposit.
All other cases, I don't know enough details.
As a matter of fact, deposits are requested commonly as 1 or 2 month.
My best advise:
- make the deposit paid listed on the rental contract
- make the landlord sign, for each payment received (I require signature and amount paid, for each payment, just on the backside of the rental contract)
- All non-standard contracts, e.g. dogs permitted, other rights.., I have made some smaller changes to the yard, company sign ,,,-are listed and agreed on) make them written on the contact is well
- you keep the original, at least for the paid rents
- all things, you want for sure, but not listed as permitted, make them written/signed.
- Have a Vietnamese party, supporting you, for making the contract

To say it clear, my dogs are listed as "tenants"/ are permitted. Even damages caused by my dogs,e.g. a digged hole are "permitted"/no reason for anything related to the rental . My contact is in English AND Vietnamese.
Warranted lease terms (years) are fixed. I use 3 years as a term, as I am not planning to move and feel quite happy with landlord as well as the neighbourhood.

Repairs over 500k, the landlord has to provide upon appointment, repairs below, I take care myself (is a very old, not modernized property).
Every term, landlord is responsible for a full makeover of the whole property like electric, water, roofing, painting  ...).
despite rents can raise, I am lucky so far. Landlord did not even attempt to raise.
Also the police registration is attached to my copy of the contract, so I know, I am registered and possible  hassle occurring from missing is avoided.

I never had any problems so far, only a number of smaller as well as bigger repairs, mainly affecting roof, water and electricity, but all done within the contract.
I am also pretty sure, in case, I ever will move, the landlord will return the deposit (2 month).
Make sure, you really know and understand, what your contract says. Even invalid clausels might be valid and working against you.

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