Any expat in Naga City Cam Sur?

Hello to everyone,

I will move in few days in Naga City!If there is any expat, it would be nice to meet.

Thank you

There are many expat who live in and near Naga. I meet with some of them at beans and cream (coffee shop) over by Avenue plaza hotel. Every Wednesday from 10-12pm.

You are welcome to join us.

Thank you for your reply Wayne!I will meet you there.

There are some of guys who split there time between here and their home country. 3 back in USA and other back in Germany.

One guy name Paul has been here 40 years. The other guy Earl has been here 25 years. They all to include myself and married to filipina women.

Hello Wayne!

My wife is from Bicol as well and we have a baby also.I will send a message as soon as I settle down or meet you at the cafe!

@Andreas Greek hi I'm moving to naga ,leaving Nov 4 ,but need go Makati to get or so should be in naga mid dec ,I'm from Canada age 56

Hello hapkidokid39,

Welcome on board !

Andreas Greek has not been active on the forum for a couple of years now.

How can members help you ?



Hi Bhavna,

Read your post. I am a FilAm and decided to retire here in the Philippines. I come from Sorsogon in the Bicol area, which is about 4 hours drive from Naga City. Hope we can get in touch. I will be in Sorsogon this November 9.


I went to Naga once, it was closed.

I went to Naga a few times while I worked in Paniman and that was enough, suppose it depends on what you are looking for.

Cheers, Steve.