Pre-employment medical testbin Bahrain

Hi friends....
My query is similar to the others in previous posts. It is like this, I was found unfit during medical test in Gamca in India, detected a small scar, calcification (not TB), in both X-ray and CT scan. As per specialist it is not something to be worried of.  Anyhow I convinced medical official not to put report online.
After discussion with recruiter, they are arranging visitor visa so that I can go for test there in Baharain.
Now I need your help to know what are the chances that I may get cleared in medical in Bahrain. Have you seen any such case ?

Thanks in advance.

What kind of answer do you expect?  I think your question does not invite a factual answer as that is not possible for anyone on this forum to give, without knowing all the details.  If it is comfort you want, that also follows the same path.

People get accepted with lung scars some times and at most other times, they don't.  There are too many variables involved in this to be able to predict your chances.

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