BBQ Propane Tank

Are all propane tanks here, specifically the smaller 20-25 pound ones for a BBQ, the old style "POL" attachment?  Our BBQ will be the newer "QCC1" with the larger, outside threads for the tank.  I can buy an adapter, but just wondering if I need to?

I don't know. Get a tank and see.  If adapter is needed, they are here. I have a couple of moto conchos that I have usede for many years, seen their kids grow up! Whatever you may need in regards to this or other common household problems or questions, make use o them. Honest, reliable and do not ask for rip=off rates.

Thanks Tinker, I've only seen the one type of tank so far, but my search has been short and limited. I'll keep my eyes, and ears, open.

It is the connection on the gas tube that maybe different, They are easily changed.  Your BBQ propane or natural gas?  If natural, parts must be changed out.  Ask BobK, he has shipped in BBq stoves. When all is up and working, I'll give you a sauce recipe that Airport Dave gave me  a long time ago. A Super Sauce Base that accepts many additional variations.   Of course it will be necessary to varify your efforts.

Yes you can get larger tanks at any Feterria (hardware store) and yes if the fitting is not right for your particular BBQ it is easily adapted.,

We use the smaller tanks just so they fit under the BBQ and always have a full spare handy.

Bob K

Tinker...most definitely! It will be a propane BBQ, so not too difficult.

Bob...thanks, I'll have to keep looking for the "right" tank.  Still lots of time for the search.

Maybe a lot of time for your search, BUT,  not for my taste buds!!!

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