Shares Trading

Hello Everyone,

I am an Indian. I want to know the process of investing in share market of Bahrain. I want to deal in stocks. Please guide.

If you can't find out what number bus you want, you're going to lose your shirt dealing the markets.


Investing in stocks and actually making money is something that requires you to be clued in and well read on.  Furthermore, you should also be able to research your picks.

And you can't even be bothered to do a simple google search?  for this and for finding a bus number in the past?  how will you even figure out which stocks to buy and sell?  As Fred said, you will lose tons of money this way.

But here you go:

Took 2 seconds and shows how to open an account on the Bahrain stock exchange.

Now having said that, I would strongly advise against you investing in stocks with this mindset and if you still do, not to invest on ANY Middle East stock exchange.  Go for the global ones where the fundamentals are in place, regulation is tough and everything is transparent.

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