DP success chances - 10 month old baby

Hello ppl,

I am an EP holder living in Singapore and I have a baby girl who is 10 months old in my husband's visa. My husand's company is not doing well so he might loose his job any time.  But he was able to find a new job. the problem is the new employer is ready to offer only s$5800(which doesn't qualify for DP and that's their budget, not ready to offer a penny more) but still ready to challenge MOM or DP appeal if rejected.  Am not eligible for DP and the baby is too young to leave back alone. Very desperate to know if there is any chance for approval if rejection is appealed?

Is there any other way I could get my baby a valid visa for long term to stay with me.
Any help will be much appreciated

The rules are clear and strict: One of you must earn S$6000/month or more, otherwise no DP will be given.
Alternatives are student pass (if the kid is enroilled full-time in a certified educational institution) or moving to another country.

Student pass to 10 month old?

No pass, if your salary is less than 6k, you can’t bring your spouse and family. Your employer will not appeal in this case as you are not qualified. I’m sorry to say, it’s sad but no choice.

Any other way, chances are very likely that would be rejected. Good luck

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