Please help me to come out from this confusion.

Dear Sir/madam,

Can you help me to know the rules of over stay In Oman, My Visa will expire on 05 December 2018 but I am not able to exit Oman on that day, and i don't interest to renew . I will exit on January 5 there any penalty or ban to reenter in Oman or GCC countries, Because i can use that grace period for preparation for changing visa to new company .

But our company PRO is telling that  the some blocks showing in system , so that connote to renew my visa and you should  exist before your expiry .Otherwise if you use the grace period , you cant exit from oman and will be payed too much fine to exit .

Please help me to come out from this confusion.

Please your advice

Hi Asru100,

Usually, there is a 1-month grace period, post which there is some system of calculating a daily / cumulative fine for every day of overstaying, until the day of departure.

It would always be better to listen what the company PRO advises since he is the only person who would know exactly what is the latest in terms of the manpower rules and regulations, under the given circumstances.

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