[Please guide me] !

Hi all ,

I am Baktash Hamidi and I have been living in Istanbul for a year . I got my bachelor's degree in civil engineering from India and master's in transport engineering from Japan. My Turkish proficiency level is B1.
I have applied to many jobs online with no luck . Therefore, I have the following questions

1. Can you please explain me how to find a job in Istanbul  ?

2. I have been learning Turkish in a language centre , and I finished B1 recently . However, I have noticed that if I do not go to the language centre, I can't speak Turkish very well because I need someone to talk to . Are there any ways to integrate myself into the Turkish society so that I use the language and possibly improve my Turkish ? I can also volunteer at an organisation . Thank you !


Hi Baktash,

Reading the following thread will surely get you some leads : What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in Turkey?

All the best,

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