Existing Bank and with Court Order to pay for the existing loan

Good Day,

I am presently working in KSA and I have existing bank loan that I was not paying for at least a year now. I received text message from MOJ (Ministry of Justice and Execution) to pay for the loan. They want me to pay for the whole amount.

My question is can I settle an agreement with them if I can pay it monthly until the loan is finished?

Appreciate your kind response.

Thank you.

The execution court has ruled that you need to pay in full.

You can try and reach an agreement with the bank to accept monthly payment and they can then advise the court accordingly.  If they don't, then you are stuck.

Thank you for your response.

Another question. Will someone be going to jail then? If he will then how can he pay for the existing loan bal.

If the court already ruled. Can he still go for vacation even there is an existing court issue?

Thank you.

If you don't pay, in the next step, the court can take more measures.

Secondly, usually in these matters, after the ruling, the first thing the banks do is to push for a travel ban. So check if that has been applied yet or not.

Thank you very much for that informative response.

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